Do I still need to save?

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  • Hello World,

    Since the only progression in my game is the score which will be saved to and retrieved from the web(that is if I ever manage to learn how to integrate gamecenter in my game) is there any point in using a "save game to slot" event when the player quits the game(and by this I mean closes the application entirely)?

    Thank you.

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  • VIKINGS It sound to me like a general save game. Try this.

  • Yeah, I know, I've read that a couple of times before Apox . But like I said, what is the point of having any type save game if the only progression in my game is the score which(unless I am wrong) is automaticly saved on the could, not on the device itself?

  • VIKINGS Depending on the type of game you are making you may or may not need a save point. For example if you're making an auto runner, flappy clone, etc, there will be no need to save. The score is really the only thing that matters there. If you were making a platformer or something like it where you need to go through a level, then yes I would recommend making a save. You just have to think to yourself really, "If I were playing this game, would I like to save here?".

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