Do you need to register your company name?

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  • Hello! I am new to making and publishing games. So I wonder, do I have to register my company name or something like that (I am the only one in a company lol, I am planning to make games by myself)or can I just say that I am a registered game designer at Scirra? Thanks for the help!

  • (I am the only one in a company lol)

    Not another CEO on this site??

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    Welcome aboard, where exactly do you think you might need to register a company name?

  • Alienwrath, the quick answer is that you don't need to create an actual company or do any legal stuff just to make and publish games.

    What you are trying to do is just build a brand for the beginning stages of game development. You can pick just about any name you want, but if you plan on publishing in the US, then I suggest taking a look at TESS and choose a name that isn't already trademarked. (TESS = Trademark Electronic Search System)

    The only reason I had to create a company is because I was working with my school and a few other companies and they only wanted to give payments to a company and not an individual.

  • Oh, thanks man! So it means I can basically make a game, publish on my own website and sell it on my own website as well?

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  • It also depends on where your market is.

    If you just want to distribute free apps with no ads then it doesn't matter one jot. However, if you want to sell your hard work then it depends on where. For example, if you want to sell on iOS then you need to provide Apple with proof of your corporate identity, Google Play don't care as long as you have a bank account and each of the other distribution routes are all different in their requirements - but most seem quite relaxed (apart from Tizen which was almost paranoid IMO).

  • Yeah, all the tizen requirements kind of put me off. I've owned by business for 14 years and never saw anything like what they were asking.

    Microsoft also requires proof of own an actual business if memory serves me right.

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