(NEED) hidden object game tutorial pleeeeease

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  • hi i am really new to construct 2 ive been right through tutorials which is great but have noticed there is no hidden object game tutorial.

    i am really interested in creating a hidden object game and oh i have worked out the basics like click on object then destroy it. im looking for a tutorial maybe 1 whole level with effects, animations, hint system, inventory system. by the way if you don't know what a hidden object game is look up gamehouse or bigfish games.

    ps. for some new people there is and easy way to select items then delete them

    create a familie with all objects you need to find

    on event sheet use

    mouse on object clicked,when popup comes use left,clicked then search

    for your familie name the click on action your familie destroy

    thanks in advance

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  • For a hidden object game, making one level basically means making the whole game, because there isn't much difference between one level and the next.

    Wouldn't you rather learn for yourself how to do it?

    You seem to have a pretty clear image of the things you need.

    For the hint system you could use a sprite that is spawned by one of the sprites left to be found (at random?)and destroyed after.

    effects and animations you should make yourself. All the motions the objects should make can be made through events in Construct2.

    If you give the objects that need to be found a variable with it's name you can than put those variables in a text to show which objects are still to be found.

    The forum here is full of examples on how to use variables, textboxes and I think even inventory sytems. Take a look around.

    Good luck programming!

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