need help with solitare card game

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  • I hope I am creating this help topic correctly...

    I am trying to create a solitaire game for my students using the hebrew alef-bet

    This is how far I got -- I'm new to Construct 2

    I am trying to get it where when you hit the "start button" then 1/2 the cards (there are 88 in all) deal out (right now if you click the start button 44 times then that is what I am trying to accomplish by only clicking the start button once) Then the rest of the cards should be under the "Alef-Bet" (which, when clicked, makes a pile right beside it)

    That is my first delimna...

    The nature of this game is like a cross between freecell and solitaire - the three gray spots to the right are the "freecell" type spots - whereas the 4 gray spots lined in the top right corner are the final slots like in solitaire .

    How do I make the individual cards, when moved by the player, only stack on the appropriate card - the 2 can go on a 1 but not on a 3 (speaking of frames) - and ONLY certain cards on the top 4 slots.

    This is stumping me --

    Thanks for any help you can send my direction to get me up and moving again on this.

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