Need Help on Rotating Sprites using Touch Controls

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  • Hi, Im stumped applying the Touch Control on my game. I need some help, please.

    What I want to do accomplish are:

    a. on click/touch > make the sprite active.

    b. on 1-finger touch on empty space > make the active sprite rotate counter-clockwise continuously 1 degree until touch is released or 2-finger touch is made.

    c. on 2-finger touch on empty space > make the active sprite rotate clockwise contnuously 1 degree until touch is release or 1-finger touch is made.

    I made several attempts which you can see on my capx but failed to do exactly what I want to accomplish:

    a. Redship > I can make it to rotate counter-clockwise continuously BUT I can not make it to rotate on the opposite direction.

    b. Greenship > I can make it to rotate 1 degree counter-clockwise on each 1 finger touch and clockwise on each 2-finger touch, BUT not continuously which can be very tiring to users.

    I hope someone from the forum can shed some light on this. thanks.

    Link to my capx:

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