Need Help in Random spawn object with few conditions.

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  • Hi

    I need some help on spawning object with some randomness.

    This is what I'm trying to get >>

    I have 2 objects

    Obj_A (has 3 frames) Size: (w)60x(h)800

    Obj_B (has 5 frames) Size: (w)200x(h)150

    I want to spawn Obj_B over Obj_A with some randomness.

    I want random no of obj_b to create over only 1 obj_A (random between 4 to 8)

    obj_B's x position is same of obj_A and y position will be random to cover height of Obj_A but don't want to overlap obj_b with its own instance. Means there will be some gaps between all obj_b.

    Some random obj_b will be mirrored.

    i able to create obj_b over obj_A but some obj_B are overlapping with obj_B

    if i do pick random instances and do mirrored, its doing all obj_B mirrored one by one.

    pls help

    also please tell me in this new forum how to upload images. Once i added image but don't know where they gone because that image doesn't showed in post.

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