Need Help With Random Positioning Of Asteroids...

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  • <font size="5">Need Help With Random Positioning Of Asteroids...</font>


    My first C2 game is almost finished.

    It's an Asteroids remake.

    I need help with the random positioning of new wave level asteroids.

    Currently I do this to setup asteroids on a new game/wave level:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The above positions a new asteroid randomly anywhere on the screen.

    What I need is to place the new asteroid on only the perimeters of the screen.

    How would I create an event to do the above?

    I know how to write it in C++, but am having great trouble in making it in events.

    Perimeter would be:

    (1) x = 0 & y = any

    (2) x = 640 & y = any

    (3) x = any & y = 0

    (4) x = any & y = 480

    Help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • x = width/2 + cos(random(angle)) * minimumDistance+random(maximumDistance)

    y = height/2 + sin(random(angle)) * minimumDistance+random(maximumDistance)

  • Wow, that is some crazy maths(I hate math).



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