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  • how can do the when level 1 complete its oper animalas or change something what the code

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  • Could you provide more informations on your issue, we're not psychics and can't guess what exactly you're looking for.

    Provide your capx, make sure to look in the how do I FAQ if there isn't already what you're looking for, give a more detailed description of what is going on compared to what you would expect to happen.

    Your video makes little to no sense to me, I don't understand what is going on or what is supposed to happen. It's not Construct2 fail, it is user fail to me.

  • I think you are asking on level complete what to do , you can do many things , just for the start , you can do "Restart Layout" or you can make "Go to Layout" for the second level.

    As Kyatric said, it's very hard from your post to find out what you are asking , I have just help on guess from some of your words, and yes video don't help either. What you want to say is kinda mystery.

    So next time just be sure to make your topic more clear and clean , A capx file will help you at 2X rate. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Hope this helps you in future. Welcome to C2 community.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Bye bye take care.

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