I need help for this Player animation "bug"

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  • So I've recently started a new project (Pixel graphics jungle plat former)but I have already encountered a small but annoying thing with the walk/jump animations. When I press Up while moving Left or Right, the player jumps as normal.

    However, if I hold the Left or Right key throughout the jump and after landing, my Walking animation does not start at all and my character slides around until I release the key and press it again. (This also happens re-press-and-hold Left or Right while in the air and keep it pressed on the ground)

    This may seem like a small issue but is very annoying for me as I indent it to be a challenging, nonstop, running game.

    I hope to get a solution soon! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    (Here is the file so you can see what I mean): mediafire.com

  • It depends on how you are requesting each animation in your events. I'm guessing you must have something like:

    Left key down - play THIS animation

    Right key down - play THIS animation

    Up key down - play JUNP animation.

    I would probably separate any animation from keyboard inputs and have the animation determined by actual conditions for the sprite in the game.

  • Well... this is actually how it is. I set it to default platform movoement in behaviors. I have animation trigger such as "On moved: Set animation" and for facing different directions I have "Left pressed: Mirror Player"

    I suggest you take a look at the capx file (Mediafire link) to see the actual issue and to see my coding ;)

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  • Hey! Thanks buddy40! (I kind of forgot about the invert function XD) Thanks for fixing this for me and now I can use this trick for future use :)Thanks a bunch

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