Need some help with platform behavior

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  • Okay Im kind of still a n00b with construct 2 so maybe someone can figure this out, Ive been stuck for a few days.

    Ive been following along with the How to make a platform game tutorial. I ran into an issue and its the same issue in my personal platform game when switching animations. Platform on Jump: changes my sprite to the jumping sprite, however it no longer jumps, it WILL jump if I push the jump key twice.

    The second issue is when I use the Platform on Landed. This completely disables me from jumping what so ever.

    I am not able to share the capx file either because I am using the Nintendo Web Framework in my code.

    I am desperate for any help on this issue because it has stumped me for the past few days.

  • Strange... it sounds like an issue with the jumping itself, but it's hard to say. Does the jumping work if you don't change any animations? Maybe take a screenshot of the relevant code and post it here.

  • It totally works with just one sprite, my idle sprite.

    This is tutorial I followed

    I removed on landed out entirely until I can get the jumping issue solved. I attached an image.

  • Those events work for me... perhaps the problem is in another event not shown here...?

  • I thought so myself, but it doesnt work for me in the tutorial either. When following the tutorial I get the exact same result. The only thing Im wondering is that all my platforms are rounded and gravity goes around those round platforms. But I think if that were the issue, then I wouldnt be able to jump even with one idle sprite.

  • nevermind, it happens on a flat platforms as well. Its weird. Maybe I should try starting over from scratch

  • Is the 'origin' for each frame/animation set to the bottom?

  • Oh god im so stupid! that fixed it! Thank you! haha see, I thought someone who knew it a little better would figure it out! you sir are a scholar and a gentleman!

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  • Glad I could help! Good luck with the game =)

  • Thank you!

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