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  • Hi,

    I'm developing a small mobile game with multiplayer feature, where max of three people can play at a time. I could successfully run the multiplayer on three different browsers (haven't tested on a mobile, yet). Instead of everyone joining the game room, I want only people accepted my request to join the room.

    For example take whatsapp, I can call any person from my phone contacts then my contact receives call request, if he/she accepts it we can have conversion or if they reject it you know what happens. If any of my contacts doesn't have whatsapp installed, I can invite them to install whatspp using invite button. Similarly, I want to send request to my contact having my game installed, if they accept it we can play together if they declines we don't play. And if any of my contact doesn't have my game installed I should be able to send the game link to them.

    If anyone know anything about it. Please help.


  • You need a public and private API.

    Your public API includes things like "accept match" and "exchange keys" and your private API contains all of your game logic.

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  • Hey gumshoe2029, thanks for responding. Could you please explain it in detail? I'm not so familiar with coding.

  • Sorry for the delay; life got crazy for a bit.

    Your public API doesn't require your users to login to your website, while the private API requires either a login session or some kind of API key to be submitted with each request either in the URL parameters or as part of the HTTP headers.

    Try to Google "private api"

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