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  • Hey guys

    I'm very new to Construct 2 and I need your help to improve things a bit. Short explanation:

    I want to spawn objects on 12 different places (think of a clock, on top is spawn point 12, on the bottom 6, on the right 3, you get the idea). on Level 1, there will only spawn 3 objects on spawn points 3, 9 and 12. The actual objects are a circle, a triangle and a rectangle which spawn randomly between the spawn points. I made it like this, it's working, but, of course, if I'm going to spawn 12 objects with the solution I am doing it right now, it will be a lot of events and I'm somehow sure it can be done in a much nicer way:

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    Can anyone give me some hints?

    Thank you

  • If it's circle this solution by korbaach might prove helpful, you could use instance variables on the spawn sprite to define which spawn points create a sprite and which sprite it is..

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  • It's not the same thing, this one uses a randomized array. But if you give some constant values to array, objects willl appear at the same place.


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