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  • How can I make the background of the game move? And make it look like I'm changing location. Like the background of the game Zombie Tsunami. I'm kinda making a game that is similar to it. Hoping someone could help me here. Thank you.

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  • Not everyone will know what the game you mention looks like. Try to be more specific. Maybe point to a screenshot or Youtube video.

    Do you mean parallax? Infinite runner?

    There are many built-in templates that come with C2 that include many different game mechanics.

    Have you checked these to see if there is something similar?

  • Hi there

    I think the method you are looking for is Paralax scrolling - take a look at this tutorial and see if it doesn't point you in the right direction

    scirra.com/tutorials/1027/p ... -scrolling

    Also try serching for "infinite scrolling background" - you might find some useful tips in that direction

  • Yes I'm referring to Parallax. Sorry if I don't know what it's called but anyway thank you guys. Big help Now I know and I'm going to try it now.

    If anyone's curious about the Zombie Tsunami game here's the link

    https:// youtube. com/watch? v=aDmI4fZpBNo

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