Need help with framerate and perfomance issues

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  • Hello there, this is my first project, a simple game where some robots whack the opposing side: Using platform behavior they move towards each other automatically and using turret behavior they attack. (Not a bit number of robots, so far 1 on 1st team, 3 on second team)

    Right at the start of the project I am already having performance issues and given I'm a newbie programmer I think I am probably misusing some function.

    I have made a fps counter that updates every second (I thought updating it every tick might be the cause of lag itself)

    Here goes the link to the project file:

    Any help would be great, I am wondering about buying the license, this would be my first "test" project with Construct2.

  • docskull I just tested your game, and I'm not getting any performance issues. I am getting a steady 59 to 60 fps.

    Yes, using every second instead of every tick will increase your fps dramatically on mobile devises but on a PC it is usually unnoticeable.

    This sounds like an issue with your PC. I would suggest first making sure your computers drivers, and your browsers are all up-to-date. Also if you are running a lot of programs at the same time and or have to many windows open this could be causing lag.

  • 61-64 FPS here....

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  • Glad to know you guys did not get any lag and got good FPS. Thanks a lot for your time and attention and sorry to bother at such a primary stage, but now I know I can just double-check my hardware and then go on with the development.

    Thank you.

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