I need help with facebook and twitter.

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a game for a client.

    The game stores a high score table LOCALLY ONLY, and thats how it should be. We do NOT want to use an online high score table.

    But, the client wants the people who play the game to be able to post their highest score onto their facebook wall!

    So, I'd need a way to automatically generate a text string like:

    Yelnick McWawwa(the name of the facebook user) just scored 999 (their high score) in "Super Mario Ripoff" (the fake name for the game I'm making for the client)

    My client also wants the same feature for twitter.

    Are either or both possible, and if so, any guidence would be greatly appreciated.

    I looked at the big "How to make a facebook game" tutorial, but saw nothing about how to generate a specific post to their wall automatically. and I dont think a twitter extension exists yet, does it?

    thanks for yout help. This community really is just as awesome as Construct2 itself. :)

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  • I am also looking for a similar solution, it seems all tutorials are based for online PHP scores. How can we do this for Local Scores. Thankss...

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