Need help with export and monetization

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  • my game is almost finished.

    the resolution is ready both for 480x800 mobile devices to 1920x1080 fullscren hd mobile and desktop.

    also in my game i have space to put ads and i have in-app purchases.

    now i need to choose how can i monetize my game the most and which platforms export to..

    where to put my game and make the most money of it?

  • Apple Users are willing to pay more for a app.

    But there are more android users.

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  • im not talking only about mobile but also desktop platforms

  • When it's made in c2, definetely go for mobile. Nobody's gonna play this kind of games on a desktop

  • I think you can monetize on pc too. For starters try to go steam greenlit, You will find many more alternatives as you begin reading the nets on how to sell your game. You could event go as far as having your own company with an ssl certificated website + paypal payment options and a server keeping your customer database, though that's a far end of the spectrum.

  • hmm i see..

    but my questions are more like what kinds of ads and method/plugin of ads/in-app purchases to use for each platform.

    i would like to release it to all platforms the most better

  • For PC you can also go Window 8 app VERY easily... but for each marketplace you will also need to be a registered developer which usually costs money. Each one will also have their own options for IAP and Ads...

  • wich is the more lucrative for pc, and easy to implement ads, and IAP?

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