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  • Hello,

    I'm new to the scirra forums and construct2 but recently joined after someone showed me some cool things you can make with the game engine. But to get to the point, I have some questions about dt.

    I think I have a basic understanding of how its used but I can't seem to fully grasp it. Lets say I want to move an object like this:

    Event: Every Tick--> Sprite set Y--> to sprite.Y+5

    I know there are behaviors that come with dt, but I would like to move the object this way for a scenario in the game. I would like to move the object 5 pixels down. The problem is it's not always fast unless I add dt but even so I can't seem to get it right. I would like for it to run as fast as possible on different systems and devices but have it move at 5 pixels.

    So I was wondering if I would set the sprite's Y position to sprite.Y + (300*dt)

    Or would it be sprite.Y + (500*dt)?

    I assumed it would be 300 since multiplying 5*60 gives 300. So every 60 seconds the sprite would move 300 pixels which would be 5 pixels a second?

    Or am I wrong? I find dt a bit confusing so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how I can move a sprite object by 5 with dt. (Sprite.Y+5)

  • If in 60 seconds you wanted to move 300 pixels the equation you want is sprite.Y + (300/60*dt) = sprite.Y + (5*dt)

    dt is the time that has passed since the last frame so in 1 second the sum of dt will equal 1

    Does that make sense?

  • LevelUpJordan

    Hello, I appreciate your example it does make alot more sense (I think). So does that mean if I change the equation to sprite.Y + (300/30*dt), then the sprite object will move 300 pixels in 30 seconds?

    I was wondering how I could make the sprite object move 5 pixels every 0.2 seconds using dt every tick?

  • Yes! Exactly that, sprite.Y+(300/30*dt) will move 300 in 30 seconds

    We can use the same logic for this second problem. The distance moved is (distance/time*dt), in this case 5/0.2*dt which is equal to 25*dt, so if it's still moving downwards we would use sprite.Y+(25*dt).

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  • LevelUpJordan

    OH, absolutely amazing,

    I really appreciate your help and your explanation, thank you

  • No problem

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