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  • I want to make a game that is a cross between Diablo 3 and Realm of the Mad God and I'm having trouble with the inventory system. I was trying to use Weishaupt's tutorial but it seems that the function plugin and construct 2 has changed since the tutorial. Either that or the fact that the capx is not available makes it difficult to decipher what is happening. I feel like I just need the capx from his tutorial and ill be able to figure this out. I'm a noob so please take it easy on the responses. Thanks in advance!

    For more specific details I want enemies to have a chance to drop items and then click on the items or drag them from the ground into your inventory. From the inventory you can equip the item into specific slots.

    Tutorial :

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  • I have no idea what that tutorial says, but if you read the drag-drop manual info and do some experimenting, you should be able to do this. I guess what it boils down to is dragging a sprite and dropping it on another sprite, then checking it was dropped onto the correct sprite. So, on the 'dropped' event, check which sprite the dropped object is overlapping (as one suggestion). Just break it down and try one part at a time.

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