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  • I am trying to make a dice game and having some difficulty with the visuals. I have no problems creating dice that can randomly come up 1-6, the issue is making them LOOK realistic. Imagine the phone screen is a flat green felt with wooden walls around the edges, sort of like a mini Craps table. I want to make 2 dice that sit on the felt and quickly slide around based on which way you tilt the phone. I also want to use shaking the phone to randomize the dice faces, but that part I know how to do. I am aware of how to use Touch.Gamma to get the tilt of the phone, I just can't seem to then have that info effect the gravity on the dice in a quick realistic looking way. Someone suggested using 8-direction movement instead of gravity, but that looked slow and terrible. Essentially it would be the same idea as creating a tilt puzzle game. You know, those ones where there is a ball on a flat surface with walls that block the ball, and you tilt the phone to move the ball around the board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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