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  • Hello, can anyone help, or give advice ... How to implement the idea of a competition, the situation is such, there is a game, during the passage of which you get time, and I need to register it with the help of the mail, look it like this - went into the game - passed for the time being, the track got the result — clicked on the contest button — fulfilled the condition of leaving my mail, and now I need to save the mail data and time to an array somewhere when the condition is met. I tried to create through Google Sheet, but no matter how not responding. Are there any ideas how else to implement it, or if there are exact tutorials.

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  • If you check the How do I FAQ for Construct 2 to the section AJAX, you will find examples of how to save data on a distant server.

    I'm not sure you can do it with google sheets, although perhaps you could their API if it is available but it also means that your sheet could be edited by anyone which is not very safe, and with RGPD's law, you are responsible for the list of email address you gather.

    A distant server/database sounds like something you could have more secured.

    Otherwise, you can use local storage and save the data on the device where the game is executed, but it means you can't "trust" those informations and make global leaderboards for a competition.

    You can find examples of use of Local Storage in the FAQ as well.

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