NEED HELP ASAP How do I make an enemy stop movng then begin a death animation

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  • Hi,

    I am completely new to construct and im currently in school for video game design. One of my assignments is to make a 2d platformer ad i am trying to get a simple level done. One of the things i need to do for my game is to make the enemy character have a death animation when they die. I got the animation to start and run hen my player lands on his head, but the dead body keeps sliding across the floor. I am not good at coding or programming so please keep as simple as possible.

    In simple, i need my enemy to get hit, do a death animation and stay where it is. No disappearing or fading.

    If anyone knows how, i also would like the dead body to essentially become a pick up item. Like the player can pick up the body, place it down somewhere else and it is a spring board for instance.


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  • When the player dies you can set the platform behaviour to disabled and play the death animation.

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