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  • I am making a board like game which is somewhat of a cross between chess, stratego, and some fantasy characters.

    Anyways, I am in need of an AI which is better then what I have created so far.

    I need something that is able to find its way from one side of the board to an opposing player, moving one sqaure at a time.

    And, what it needs is a dynamic smart system.

    Like, it should have a variable which would determine how fast it would reach the other side/target on the board.

    IE, it could go there in a straight line, or occassionally take steps left or right.

    There is no pathfinding in this game, it is all done based on locations of the grey tiles and overlaps collision boxes pinned around the characters.

    I made my own variant of isometric tiling in this game, and it works pretty well :)

    Here is a screen shot of the game:

    <img src="" border="0">

    I uploaded a web v ersion but its close to 50MB, so mind you and be patient when you click the link.

    It should run smooth in browsers though, chrome prefered ofc :)

    You are the side with the wizzard and knights. and you need to take out that demon and skeletons. Once done nothing really happens.

    Left click to select your character, then left click on a tile around him to move there.

    when close to an enemy, select your character, then right click the enemy to attack him.

    Atm, the enemies attack you automatically when you are in range of them, not always though.

    Anyone out there with decent AI insight able to help me out here ?

  • Any progress here ?

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  • Any progress here ?


    Yeah I have made a couple AI's, each with varying results.

    The mechanics I used for the board game were not optimal, but worked for what I wanted to use it for.

    Development on this particular project has halted.

    I am busy trying to get some of the models I used with some mechanics in the scirra store.


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