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  • Ok im making a basic game were i shoot a bullet from a cannon. I have it so that when i click the cannon shots the bollet but the i want the bullet to shoot into the direction i click. So if i click anywhere on the layout thats were the bullet ends up going. The cannon is placed in the bottom middle of the layout it does not move just the way i want it. How do i fix this.

  • I ve followed the ghost game tutorial were the player moves 8 direction and the bullet comes out were the player is looking, however i just want my cannon to stay on the floor and shoot at incoming enemies. My cannon shoots but when i left click the bullet all shoot to the right.How do i enter a action or system for were ever i click thats were the bullet goes.

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  • I would take a look at the turret behavior that was recently added. It may be a good starting point. There should be a sample project and possibly a tutorial on it available as well. Hope that helps!

  • Ya i was thinking of the turrent but in the tutorial it auto aims hm let me try, thanks.

  • The create object behavior should have what you need, you create it at the origin point you want, and set it's angle based on the object that is creating it. Similar to how the ghost shooter example works that you mentioned earlier, sorry I would provide a sample CAPX file but I am at work and don't have Construct in front of me.

    You would just need to have some logic to change the angle/rotation of the turret based on user input (arrow keys, etc...)

  • okay i fixed it now the only issue now is that when the bullet comes out it does go into the direction i clicked but now it stays on my mouses cursor and does not go away.

  • I fixed it all

  • Awesome!

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