I need fresh set of eyes/better understanding Event in post.

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  • Hello!

    I have worked with the problematic explosions for days, whittling out the bugs, trimming down the events....

    But now one thing persist. It seems that there can only be one explosion at a time. Which is not good.

    I made a test level with four eggs dropping to their explosion (on a surface of "DIRT") and it happens at same time, so should be 4 explosions. But only the first egg explodes.

    I tried with browser logs combined with debug window and it appears that it is in this event section. Apparently only the first explosion is called and then the others ignored completely. It is as if the system is only finding "one falling egg, ok ignore rest". Which is silly.

    In the test level Event 48 is the one that should be executed 4 times this "round" (the game updates every 0.2 sec "rounds"), but nope, only 1.


    I hope you can help me. I know very well I can do things wrong, so I am open for any suggestions.

    The same section is used for stopping the "boulders" and "diamonds" (which is now icecream and fruit) and it works well, even for multiple objects at same round. I think! (have to verify now)

  • Its hard to say since the top tier condition is probably picking just one instance.

    You might need to call a function that picks all the animation playing instances.

  • Have you tried something like this?


  • By the way, 46 and 48 can be swapped and I did so. No real difference.

    Many boulders stops at same time all right.

  • newt, interesting since all the boulders in same round get falling = 0 just fine. hmm.

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  • So maybe it is the #47 that is problematic.

    I will make a test level with 4 boulders falling on a surface of eggs and see if it is different!

  • Nope. I am so puzzled now. Why is the labelling as falling = 0 working nicely, but not the rest. Maybe too slow?

  • Paradox your solution seem to be the one. The initial test ran out fine, I will test further. Thank you!

    Thank you newt too, for your input and sorry for my rambling.

  • Ok system picks all

    Compare instance variable falling=1 is more straightforward imo.

    Anyway if its not the condition, its the action.

    Might take a look at the function.

  • newt

    Multi explosions works now, in that section of events. But now I have a problem (not seen here), but here it is in the functions. I think!

    I may bring it up here if I do not solve it. But I want to try first mostly because it is so huge list of code with 100 events or something. Ha! (different types of explosions, different causes of explosions, explosion chains, etc....) Right now I can have a chain of eggs, explode travelling a winding path and I have gotten it to work nice chain effect of explosions, but now the problem is if get another explosion elsewhere at at same time (for example a enemy getting hit of a boulder), the explosion chain stops! I will look at variables and such.

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