Do I need a Apple computer to be able to export to IOS?

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  • Hey guys, I have four apps on the windows market and one on the google play but not on the appstore so I was wondering if I need a apple computer to upload or can I use my PC?


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  • To upload to iTunes Connect you need to use the XCode Application Loader, whether you compile long-hand in XCode, use PhoneGap or CocoonJS. You could do this via a virtual Mac if you're very patient and know your way around OSX well enough to be able to configure it to your needs. Or (as I did after trying option 1) you could buy a cheap old MacBook Pro on eBay instead....

    There is no way to load to iTunes without using the Application Loader, unfortunately - Apple have been very careful to ensure you need to buy one of their products for this purpose. If you do elect to buy one, just make sure you can install XCode 5 - ie you need OSX 10.8 or newer so you can compile for iOS7; there are some hardware limitations with older systems that will prevent you from installing 10.8 (all designed by Apple I cynically suspect to ensure you have to keep upgrading....). I think you can get away with using 10.7 and XCode 4.6 with cocoonjs compiled projects, but I wouldn't bet a couple of hundred dollars on it - get the newest system you can afford.

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