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  • Hi All,

    Only a month into using Construct 2 and hit a small snag on my second game build. CAPX link below:

    I am making a top down shooter that requires the player to search objects on the layout in order to find a "access key" to access a door that advances to the next layout. There are a variety of object, all similar in appearance to the player, some that will turn up no results when searched, and others that will. I have the object that will not result in success linked as a family. When I tested the layout they all worked as required; a search bar timer would display and after three seconds the search result would turn up empty. As I said everything worked hunt fine. BUT THEN I created the events for the objects that would result in finding an access key when searched. This also worked as I intended, but once these new events were in place and working, the previous family events for the 'empty' objects stopped working.

    Been wracking my brain for a couple days, searching the manual, trying different things to make both object types work, but no good. I am thinking it must be an easy fix, but I just am lost after a dozen hours of trying to figure it out.

    CAPX below... any advice would be greatly welcome.

    When starting the CAPX the objects directly to the right of the character are supposed to be able to searched and found 'empty' (used to work, now doesn't).

    While the objects just below those (they look the same) are searchable and result in finding an access key... which works, but now the other objects above don't.



  • Still working on this. I tried creating search bar functions for each of the object families separate from each family, but not good. It still only works just fine for the family group that is supposed to reveal access keys (which is the last event entries). So somehow the events for searching objects with 'access keys' is taking precedent over the events for the object that would reveal a negative search.

    My programming knowledge is limited to some BASIC back in the C64 days. But is seems like I need a GOTO or ELSE statement...just not sure what I am doing wrong.

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  • Okay...after ten more hours of painful struggling, I think I have it figured out.

    I created group events for each object family type I wanted to utilize the progress search bar for. Then I simply activated/deactivated the group events depending on which object type the character was overlapping to perform the 'search' on.

    Seems to be working as I need it to... sooo....I guess I am good to go.

    Just wanted to leave an update so people wouldn't jump into something and waste time on my solved issue.


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