Is it necessary to use tiles for a map?

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  • Hello! I've been working on a map for a landscape-oriented game project, and I wanted to know how to use it. It's an island in the middle of the ocean, so I don't know if tiles could work, seeing as they're square and the island has round edges and a section with a beach. The map is pretty big, and someone told me that I shouldn't use pictures bigger than 1000x1000px, so I divided the island in a bunch of pieces, which I don't now how to add to the project. Furthermore, I want to add an ocean I made in the background so the place actually looks like an island. Should that go in a different layer?

  • You should read the beginner's guide, it contains all the info you need for this particular issue (and will help solve future ones :p)

    (Search for "How to make a Platform game" in the Tutorials section, can't post links yet)

    (But in short, create an object, import all your image parts into it as frames, set its animation speed to 0 and change the initial frame on each object to match the part you want.

    Also for the background yeah, use a different layer and maybe change the parallax to match what you want.)

  • Thanks a lot! I imported the map without an issue

  • Nevermind. Just came across an error after I tried to test the game on Google Chrome. It just stops loading and this pops up every time I try to test it.

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  • Looks like this is a problem with the canvas plugin... It's not needed for what you are asking

  • Yeah, it fixed itself after I restarted Construct 2. No biggie!

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