Native NodeWebkit Desktop Application Unresponsive

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  • From what I have read in the manual, Node-Webkit is a feature that exports projects to native desktop apps, not requiring an internet connection or web browser.

    I included the Node-Webkit object into my project and exported my project in a Node-Webkit format, but the application files all either require an administrator or opens up a Node-Webkit window opened to nw:blank, without any way of playing the game.

    Has anyone else heard of this problem? I am clueless as to fix it: the manual does not help, and I have not seen a topic about it.

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  • As far as we are aware it works fine for the majority of users. Have you tried the latest version of Construct 2?

  • Halogen

    I think most likely the case is that you haven't run the directx installation included with your exported project. The installation file is called "dxwebsetup.exe", after that see if you project starts.

  • I run the game through Steam, and if that has any hindrance with the current version, I will find the latest version.

    The dwxwebsetup file opened and I selected "Install", but it says it will not install because there is already a later version installed onto my computer.

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