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  • Hi there !

    Sorry I'm new here so please do not hate me :)

    First think is I didn't get my verification mail (which I resented) ?

    Anyway my other question is about the XNA and Construct but first little introduction of myself :)

    I'm concept artist , designer and I've just downloaded this great tool - So BIG thanks for SCIRRA

    For now I will use free version and the classic one (since is full and free) and later will buy a full version.

    I think this is great tool because I'm artist and I don't know anything about coding etc... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> and I want make my own game -

    In the future I'm planing to use XNA and the Visual Studio so I wander is it possible to make the game in Construct and copy the 'code' to XNA !?

    • or something like that - sorry but I'm total n00b :)

    If you wish to see my art or know few more things about me..

    please check my profile/gallery or portfolio and bio :)



    Thanks for your time

    Dom aka Plejground

    ** OK my account is working so no worries :)

    Please if you can tell me about XNA and Construct I appreciated

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  • Wow your a talented artists!

    And no you cannot take the code from Construct 2 and import that into XNA unfortunately. Sorry.

  • OK thanks -maybe this will change in the future but no rush for me since I'm just getting started and need to learn a lot.

    Also thx for your feedback - I appreciated :)

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