How to use myarcade plugin with C2 exported game

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  • Hello,

    I have managed to find myarcade plugin lite and i have got it working with a wordpress game portal theme. Problem is that i fail to get the game appear in the theme's window.

    I have tried to use myarcade plugin: import game>embed code


    import game>iframe url

    Then i tried in passing:


    "G" folder is where my C2 export file is.

    I cannot make it work.

    Do i need to create some special url? Like a url feed or something? If so how can i do that?

  • Replace localhost with your server address.

  • Thanks for your suggestion.

    My intention was to give it a file reference path so that the computer knows that game file are on the same machine. I thought it should work. Maybe i am writing the file reference path in the wrong way. I guess it should be fine.

    BTW: i am on xampp and there are no issues with permissions.

    I finally got it working both ways i.e. with "embed code" and "url". As far as the latter is concerned it did work only in the way suggested by you. Therefore, thank you again.

    Apart from the above issue, I also face another one

    The embed code or the plain url do not seem to cooperate with a full screen feature available on wordpress theme. What i mean is the type of feature that youtube video has. It expands full screen and shrinks back to smaller box. My games can be either or. Either box type and they don't extend full screen, they just stay the same or they are already in a full screen (840 x 480px) mode and in both cases the only thing that happens is that the background disappears on full screen pressed.

    Should the embed / url codes be adjusted in some way to take advantage of the full screen feature?

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  • Got a private message but I have little points to reply to private messages. There has been no other information on a way to reach the user so in an effort to reply, I decided to make it public, so that the message gets to the interested party in this manner.

    The message:



    i saw your post: viewtopic.php?f=147&t=183049&p=1074506&hilit=embed+game+wordpress#p1074506

    i am interested in the same plugin, but i dont know if it works well with Construct 2 games or not

    can you tell me what happened with your project?"

    The reply:

    I have sent numerous messages to the author’s plugin and I have not received a decisive answer, all the replies were spare. It appeared to me they did not know anything about Construct 2 games and I was the one to introduce them to Construct 2. In my opinion the plugin has not been created with a view to being used with Construct 2 games. They can be embedded but I am not sure how the full screen feature should work for instance, the way it seems to work (or not), does not make sense to me.

    Maybe they have done something with the plugin after I have sent them messages, up until now I have not researched what might have happened in the aftermath. Please note I did my testing on a free and pretty old version of the plugin I found on github. It appeared to me that they have intentionally withdrew all free versions of the plugin hoping to sell more copies except the one I managed to stumble upon github.

    As far I remember the author charges meticulously for every little thing like: the plugin itself and then they also charge for setting it up to your liking. Maybe it could be done if you decide to pay for it.

    However insane it may seem, I have set out to create my own website to host the games the way I would like it to be. Unfortunately, I have been stuck with the concept of an expandable iframe to “copy” youtube videos functionality when you hit full screen on the video. I have no idea how to programme it, while keeping everything responsive, or where to seek such information.

    There is an “automated way” to embed videos in html/css by typing specific html, and as a result, the expandable box is somehow generated automatically by a browser, there seems to be no way to control the expandable functionality to adapt it to C2 games, it gets created behind the scenes by default by the browser. It just works with video and does not lend itself to anything else.

    This is my conclusion, but I might be missing something. Note that I am pretty much an amateurish and self-thought web designer as well as programmer. However, I have done my best to research the idea thoroughly. I am pretty much stuck here. If you ever have any ideas to push me forward, let me know.

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