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  • I am adding a mute sounds and music option to my game and i was messing around with the audio mute and unmute options. I was wondering if there is an "easy" way to mute and unmute all sounds, i was thinking about putting all sounds in a group then deactivating the group. But it just seems like there would be a better way that i am missing. i tried searching the forums to no avail. Thanks in advance

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  • The idea of the group is pretty good.

    You can go also with a global variable that you would test before playing any sound.

    For example

    Press space

    ..Sub Evt: If Sound = 1 => Action play sound

    The group might be a better solution, in the sense that all is gathered in a single place.

    In the end, your choice concerning the implementation you prefer.

  • Thank you, i like the idea of the global var because i already have a lot of sounds in different groups and did not realize that there was not a mute all function heh. With the global var i could effect sounds over multiple layouts. that is a great idea, thanks Kyatric!

  • Hi, i dont know if it still helps you or some other one.

  • Yea i ended up using the global variable and setting it to 1 for sound and 0 for no sound, it was a great idea from kyatric. I had alot of sounds in a few different layouts and it allowed me to mute all the sounds without much trouble or having to rearrange

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