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  • Not even positive what my problem is right now. I have it setup so I play a song on the main menu, then it changes when you start the game and start playing, then after all three lives are gone it goes to a game over screen and it plays game over music. Now that all works okay, however when i run out of lives I hear like a grinding kind of noise and the score jumps up for some reason by a random amount. Then when I click the "try again" button it switches layouts correctly but the music stops working right and it keeps the random score when you start over with only 2 lives instead of 3...So many weird little things happen its hard to explain. Trying to get all the big mechanics right before adding more content. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Is your "On Death" event, the one which starts by checking Lives < 1 and playing the death sound checking only once?

    If not, it may be playing the sound over and over at a very face pace creating the grindin noise.

  • Hmm....I dont think its that. Its not looping or anything. Ive seen people upload their project to chat if anyone is willing to take a crack at it. Its really hard to explain the issue. Just not sure how to link my project.

  • Lol i just basically said what rory said.. Facepalm moment.

  • You sure? you should upload the .capx for us to check.

    Anyway, even if a sound is not on Loop, it can be played multiple times at once if the event is asking it to, and the event will ask it to play it on every tick as long as it meets all the conditions. eg. you set Life to -1, and the event checks if Life > 0. Well, this event is effectively true and will keep playing the actions and sounds every tick.

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