How to get music to play in my mobile game?

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  • I added music to my game by importing a .wav file which Construct 2 converted into an .ogg. I added an event that plays the music On Start Of Layout. It works well when I preview it in my browser. However, when I export to AppMobi (with DirectCanvas), no music is heard in the simulator nor on my iPod Touch. Is this an issue strictly with AppMobi or is there a Construct 2 solution that I'm overlooking?

    Any help is much appreciated!

  • You should try to convert them to AAC-files as well and include them to your project.

  • I have a similar question

    I have encoded my wave with construct

    I can hear my BG music in the simulator, but not on the phone.

    Also with Lan only the the Sound FX's work's

    Is there a limit for sounds and music on phone ?

    I have use the search function here already ,but nothing found.

  • i have this same problem with ogg files (no sounds on moblie devices) try import other type of files. In my game i have and i must have two types of one sound- m4a and ogg this two type of files guarantee working sounds and music

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  • btw. I have both(m4a and ogg), but the BG Music is not playing in the phone.

  • Got it working by including an m4a. Thanks for the help guys.

    vidi, for your info, I encoded my m4a at 128kbps using Winamp and selecting MP4/aacPlus (HE-AAC) Encoder v1.28a.

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