Music Is Not Working! I Really Need Some Help!!!

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  • Hello all, I tried to do what you said on level 3, but it still wont work (even though it works for levels 1 and 2). Why will that fix work for level 2, but not for level 3?

    I really need some help. I've been on here for like 7 hours straight hours looking for someone to help me out:(

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  • This doesn't need to be bumped every hour. I don't see a problem with level 3, the music is playing on loading. If 'won't work' means something other than the music not playing then please explain.

  • Sorry about that, but, can you then explain to me why I can't hear it on my computer (I can only hear background music on levels 1 and 2, not 3)? I'm using a Firefox browser, are you?

  • I am using Chrome. When I play level 1 and level 2 it plays the Zombie Chase music. When I load level 3 it plays Shamanistic. Level 4 does not have any music.

  • What the heck, I don't get it then. Why can't I hear it on Firefox? Does that mean I need to update my Firefox? How do I fix it so that I can hear it on Firefox as well as Chrome? I mean, if it doesn't work on both, will it work on phones?

  • I tried Firefox and it's fine on that too. Try a different browser and see if it's working.

  • Okay, I will. I'll tell you what happened in like 5 mins.

  • Lol, I just tried it on Chrome and the same thing happened (this is driving me nuts). I can hear it on levels 1 and 2 fine, but I still didn't hear any music for level 3. What do you think the problem might be? Do I have to update my browsers or is it a code problem?

  • Are you just loading level 3 as a preview or are you somehow playing through each level? That could be broken as I am simply loading level 3. I don't see how you progress through the levels and complete them.

  • Yeah, I'm playing through each level. I shoot the eyes by pressing the "space bar" button, I move around with the arrow keys, and when an alert message pops up, I just press the "enter" button to skip past it (the alert messages popping are not the issue, I can fix that later). It's just that the sound doesn't play correctly when you play through each level.

  • I can't seem to do anything. Presing Space moves the character to the left a little bit. I can't fire anything. I assume the music doesn't play because of variable conflicts when you finish the levels but I can't do that.

  • Will you be on tomorrow? If so, around what time? I'll make a new capx that works and post it? Can you help me tomorrow?

  • I am on here a lot of the time. Type and I'll get a notification when you respond. Also, someone else can respond I guess.

  • Lol, alright. Thanks.

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