Music Is Not Working! I Really Need Some Help!!!

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  • Hello everybody, I was hoping that someone could help me out. For some reason the background music in my game gets all choppy on certain levels and on other levels (like level 2) it works perfectly fine. I don't get it. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I still can't figure this out. It's driving me crazy lol.

  • I downloaded your file ,but i can not see your event sheet . did you add event to your music ?

  • the events for the music are at the bottom.

  • What do you mean you can't see my event sheet?

  • I think I know why he can't see the event sheet. When I first opened it, it was scrolled all the way down so far that it looked like nothing was showing up. I thought it was blank too until I realized I could scroll up.

    I haven't patched Firefox yet, so it probably has sound issues anyway, but even opening it in Chrome, the music didn't work. I was able to play the music fine double clicking on the songs in the project folder though. I'm not sure why they are not playing right. Someone who has used C2 longer than I will have to figure it out.

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  • Yeah, sorry about that.

    I know, I can't figure it out either, thanks for trying though. Can anybody else help me out (this is really weird)?

  • you have made a large number logic mistakes.

    As an example

    Layout1 - Level 1 group

    leveloneEnemy isVisible then play Zombie Chase....

    The error: there is no limited condition. it's going to constantly start playing the song every tick. Try adding a "Once while True" system condition tom ake sure this doesn't happen.

    Another example

    Level 2 and level 2 group

    When your doing On start of layout and Active_level = 2. Wasn't passing. so the function would never call.

    On Layoutstart

    Compare Two values( Layoutname = "Level 2") and as needed. Then no need for the function call.

    Alternativivly you could organize your code to be handled a little easier than one big sheet.

    create a core set of game play mechanics. and put all your custom level mechanics and music on level based layouts. then just include the core mechanics.

    also as a suggestion. I don't believe any browser will ever play the .wav file. My suggestion is once importing the songs delete the .wave file version. The difference. I deleted the .wav files from the project that was 90mb. The resulting size was 14mb.

    ogg and m4a are about 1/8 the size of a wav file.

  • Thanks a lot, can you show me that with a capx? Please, just to show me visually what I did wrong. I learn better that way:(

    "I deleted the .wav files from the project that was 90mb. The resulting size was 14mb." Thanks for the tip, I'll do that from now on:)

  • Hey jayderyu, can you still help me out? Thanks (sorry if I'm pestering you).

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  • Please, I really need some help.

  • Uploaded here. I only made changes to the two examples I maded. but just look out for more problems like this.

  • Okay, I'll play around with it and get back to you on the matter. Again, thanks a lot.

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