Does music not work on "Add to Homescreen" in Safari iOS?

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  • I'm having a bit of a multifaceted issue with developing a mobile game. Currently I'm testing on Safari in iOS because all I have is an iPhone to test. Anyway, being an iOS game, the game uses the Touch behavior. However, any time I touch the screen to do something in-game, the address bar pops in, obstructing the game (I have the fullscreen setting on "letterbox scale" but the address bar doesn't seem to resize the game).

    As such, I've resigned to adding the game onto my homescreen using Safari's "add to homescreen" feature. However, when I do that, it doesn't load any Music (though Sounds still plays). Music plays as intended in Safari, just not when the website is added to the home screen.

    There's got to be a better way to handle fullscreen landscape games in iOS. Is there nothing I can do to hide the address bar in landscape mode?

    Also, does anyone have any advice for publishing to mobile? I'm concerned about this fullscreen thing hindering my game's success.

  • Anyone able to help?

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  • It's a bug in Safari:

    The workaround is to remove the offline.appcache file, but that in turn breaks offline support, which is nice to have especially when adding to the home screen...

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