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  • I've created a few tracks that loop seamlessly, however, when I use the loop feature in C2, there's a fraction of a seconds pause during the loop, it's quite obvious, and detracts from what I'm trying to do.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but the search function on this site is a little annoying in the sense that it shows results for everything, including Construct 1, which doesn't help me :( I've scrolled through many results, and even read a few to see if they can help.

    Some people recommend using ogg files, but I can't tell C2 which to use, as it picks the best depending on the browser.

    Anyone else seeing a jump in the music?

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  • Yes, I have that delay when my game pauses music too, I'm using Ogg files.

  • .mp3 and .Ogg will automatically insert a little pause. This is a feature format. You should use a .waw format.

  • DiscoFish

    The intent is to use it on an Android or an iDevice. Do you happen to know if these are compatible with waw? I imported a FLAC, and it automatically converted them to MP3 and OGG.

  • AnD4D

    I think this is not the best way to use the WAV and FLAC for mobile gaming. The game will be a lot more weight.

    You can programmatically set the segment of music and make a loop. But I do not think that it is possible in Construct.

    But I think the mobile devices must support the WAW.

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