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  • I have lowered the megs, and the bit rate and the music is still very jumpy. The main menu plays fine but there isn't much there for now. But Level 1 and Level 2 it's really bad and I can't figure out way.

    Please let me know if it does the same for you and if there are any fixes.

    Link Here

    None of my music files are more than 2mbs each.

    Thank you in advance.

    Also: I converted them from WAVs and MP3's but they don't loop when the files was created to loop.

    Should they be converted from wavs to seamlessly loop?

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  • A few things:

    Only import wav files. MP3's don't retain loops points accurately enough (ie, they have crap added to the ends of the audio that make it nearly impossible). The OGG and AAC files C2 makes should work for everything you need. Of course, some platforms loop better than others.

    That said, I'm not getting any issues with the audio in Chrome. It loads fine, seems to loop fine, no stuttering. It did take a bit to start the first time (since it was loading it still), but it worked. I find that preloading the music files I need works out more elegantly than streaming (place the files in your Sounds folder, not Music, then have an event preload the audio files you need. Then go to the level once it is ready). People don't mind a brief load, and I appreciate the added control.

  • C-7 Ok thank you.... After I posted I tried it in Chrome. It played a lot better but still did not loop Well it loops but not seamlessly. My brothers (As well as myself) is a music producer and he did the tracks for me and made them loop so something got messed in the conversion. I will have him do them all in wav format and I will pre-load the files.

    Thank you so much....

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