Music gone during Intel XDK Emulation!?

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  • Hey guys.

    I'm very excited to say I was finally able to test my game via Intel XDKs emulation.

    I'm still trying to figure out why my game won't preview over a local network despite following all instructions written in the tutorial

    Finally got the damn thing to emulate by UNCHECKING Construct 2's built-in option to export already in XDK for and using this guide instead: ... www-folder

    Now during emulation I encountered some problems.

    The first one being LAG.

    I included an EVERY TICK set Text to: "fps: "&fps&newline&"Cpu: "&cpuutilisation&newline&"Mem: "&ImageMemoryUsage

    and during my runs via "Run Layout" I've gotten consistent

    fp: 58-60

    mem: 264.4

    but while emulating with the "Samsung S" option it got as low as:

    fps: 45ish-58

    mem: 480

    Now am I wrong to assume the lag isn't caused by the device models but by my computer's limited capabilities?

    It's probably my computer's fps and mem that are being displayed and not the "device's"

    It is afterall simulating how a device within a device.

    I'm using a relatively modest i5 laptop 2.5 Ghz Nvidia GEForce GT 635M. 2011 model.

    It can however play Bioshock Infinite with no problems.

    Now my second problem is really strange. For some reason, while emulating in Intel XDK the MUSIC IS GONE.

    I checked my CAPX file and the music still exists. What could be the reason for Intel XDK not playing it?

    I will probably be creating an apk soon to test with devices.

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