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  • Hey guys, i�ve got another problem.

    My menu is splitted into 2 layouts, which both shouldn�t interrupt the funky-menu song, starting on start of layout1 :)

    I could handle the problem of re and restarting again, switching between menu1 and menu2, using a variable but how the **** do i let it stop?

    I want the song to stop on clicking the start game button, but it doesn�t work, neither as a music nor as a sound file.

    Please help me :)

    sry for the bad english, but i try my best:)

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  • If it is under sound and you are using an audio file you could use this event:

    On Mouse click object(button to start game) ---> Audio stop ("music")

  • if you would have clicked my picture you would have noticed, that that is what i�m already trying ;-)

    it doesn�t work!

    btw. the name of the file is correct:)

  • The Stop command uses a Tag, not a Name. Set the tag on the Play command then Stop with the same tag. Tags let you use generic names, regardless of the actual file name, so you can change the file if you need, but as long as you use the same tag, all of the other actions don't need to be edited.

  • Thanks blackhornet,that was the solution :)now it works!

    and thanks very much for the tip with the changeable sounds :) pretty handy as well

    have a good one!

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