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  • ... oject.capx

    Controls are:

    Z - JUMP

    X - ATTACK

    D - DASH

    NOTE: You can only attack to the right and be attacked from left for right now. I haven't coded in the other directions.

    1) If the player holds jump while taking damage from the enemy (you have to wait for his attack animation to be damaged by him), they go flying up to space.

    2) If the player hits the attack button right before the damage registers, they're locked into the damage animation and will stay that way until they dash. Again, if you look under the player's event sheet, it's set so that they're locked into the attacking animation until it finishes (with the exception of using the dash), so that seems the obvious culprit. However, I can't figure out how to make it so that while the player is damaged, they can't attack. edit: figured this one out. Just needed to add a variable that says "attacking" is false while the player is hurt.

    3) What's the best way to handle melee combat in a situation like this? Right now I have it so that a collision box is spawned over the player's weapon when they attack, and then if the enemy is overlapping with that box, the enemy is damaged. Is there a better way to go about this? Doing it this way, for some reason the enemy will sometimes be damaged twice even though I only hit the attack button once.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • For question 3, you just need to add a system condition called "Trigger once while true."

  • Anyone? Also, I do indeed have it set to "once while true," and it still doesn't work.

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