How do I use multitouch on enemies

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  • Hello,

    I have been playing around with touch controls.

    In my little experimental project, the layout randomly spawns several sprites, and when you tap on one, it disappears, spawning another one randomly on the layout.

    There is a counter that counts how many you have destroyed (updated when the sprite is destroyed).

    However, when I rapidly tap using more than one finger, it stops registering any further touches on the sprites unless I restart the layout. I even tested by having a button go to another layout, and that still works, so the only thing that stops working is the tapping on the multiple sprites.

    Anybody know if this is a bug or if there is a way to properly do this? It seems really limiting having to say "only use one finger to tap".

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I'm unsure of your exact problem, paste your capx or screenshot maybe?

    Multi Finger touching/fast touch hasn't given me any problems...

    Also, your testing this on a mobile device? or a PC?

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