How do I use multiply spine anims?

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  • hi!

    im still a beginner and im trying to use my spine anims in my test games.

    i discovered that if i import a second spine anim, it will make the animation but its using the first spine anim's picture

    at properties at left i give the spine data and atlas data url then i give default to skin as i dont use skins in my animations and then i give the anim key.

    could it be that because i give the skin default for both of the imported spine anims, thats why its mixing together ?

    but the first one always good just the rest will be messed up what i import later so i guess if really the skin name would be the problem's source, it would mess up the first one as well and not just the rest...

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  • oh i just managed to solve it ! : D

    i never gave name to my skeletons ever and i tried it with names and now its perfect!

    however i still doesnt get why was it mixing "skeleton1" with "skeleton2". they are also different names...

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