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  • i'm looking for a way to manage 4 touches on one screen.

    there should be 4 sprites. one at each corner and they should be movable by a touch in the appropriate corner.

    My idea was to divide the screen in 4 invisible large sprite which cover up each corner for sure. can i somehow give every touch a different ID, according to the invisible sprite touched?

    if i would do so, touch should be able to touch more than one sprite .. like sprite1 on layer1 and sprite2 beyond on layer0. is it possible to detect that with the event "is touching object" ?`

    do you guys know what i mean? its a bit hard to explain. at the end, four players should be able to move their own sprites in each corner and if their touches end and the touch again, it should't confuse my game.


    EDIT: Problem solved. See comment below for Live demo and capx

  • <SNAP> I think the manual beat me to it.

    each touch has it's own ID. Just track with Touch ID touched what sprite and track it. All touches are passed through the layers. I'm not sure if it's top down or bottom up for even triggering.

  • thanks for your quick answer. i read the manual, but i'm still not getting it very well. I understand that every Touch is given an ID but i havent really figuered out how to use it right.

    hm its tricky.

    i tried something. have a look if you want to. its not quite working yet.

    Live Demo


    capx File


    i have to work on it much more but I haven't got much time right now. Have you ever achieved a good working multi touch game?

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  • i made it.

    here's a live Demo

    and this is the capx file.

    maybie i'll do a tutorial later on.

  • Thanks for sharing philx!

    I've been trying to solve this for a while, but couldn't quite get my head around it. Great work!!

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