How do I make a multiple spawners

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  • Hello, I am very new at Construct 2 and I've been fooling around with this idea and getting no where.

    There are multiple spawners off the screen, and when they spawn the enemy every X seconds the angle is set toward the player and accelerating towards it. I have tried randomly spawning one spawner where every time it spawns a enemy it gets destroyed and creates a new one but it always spawns on screen (which is what I do not want)

    If anyone knows how I can make it so there are stationary spawners outside the screen and they randomly spawn enemys at different times that be great!



  • Randomly spawn at different times?

    Would something like this work?

    system every x seconds : random(0,3)

    system pick random instance of spawner

    spawn enemy

  • LittleStain so for some reason I can NOT find Pick random instance function anywhere. where is it?

  • I thought I put it in the example:

    System pick random instance

    So you can find it under the System-conditions..

  • Hey LittleStain, I'm trying out your example and I'm not getting it to work. What do you mean when you say random(0,3)? On a good note I've found the "pick random instance" function. Do you think you can send me a screen shot of what you mean so I can try it out.

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  • when I say random(0,3) I mean random(0,3)..

    In this example it stands for the amount of seconds, which could be anything between 0 and 3 seconds..

    Changing the numbers will change the random time between the spawn-action..

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