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  • I don't know if this has been answered or asked before or not because i don't have time to look through all the posts because i have slow internet, but anyways, I am trying to make a platformer for my first game and i have a player select screen so you can use different players for different a slightly different game. I cant get the score to show in the second game. I have tried to Make a new text box and a new global variable but nothing will get it to show up. Is it just not possible? I would think it would be because I know that you can make games with multiple levels and one would assume that the score would remain visible. But yes that is my problem. Sorry if it isn't specific enough or anything is wrong this is my first use of a forum ever so yeah...

  • Not sure what you're trying to do to be honest. Could you post some sort of visual example (a screenshot of what happens and an image of what is supposed to happen, or a capx)? I'm not sure what you mean by "nothing shows up", but it's definitely possible to have multiple scores for multiple characters and to display a score unique to each character.

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  • Pictures wouldn't help I think. By "nothing shows up" I mean.. well... nothing shows up. I have the Textbox in the place where it is supposed to be, but it isn't there when I test the layout. I have another one on my first layout which shows the score and it shows up like it is supposed to. What I was originally trying to do was have one layout for multiple characters to use at different times but I couldn't figure that out either. So, I made an identical layout for the second player type. And i cant get the score to show up. That is my problem. Sorry if it still isn't very clear.

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