How do I Make Multiple Projectiles from 1 player

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  • Hi

    Im making a game where i need a player to be able to be able to touch a sprite, and shoot a certain weapon.

    Example: I touch fireball. then touch the screen, i want the fireball to shoot.

    So is there a way to change what weapon you are using by touching a certain sprite?

    It Cant interfere with the 2 player touch controls though.

    Thanks in advance!!

    EDIT: If the above is not possible, Would you be able to make it to where right when you touch the sprite, it shoots.

    Thanks again

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  • Hi,

    You make an ObjectPool class, which is a great start. However, you made it particular to Projectiles. A superior outline is for it to be bland so you can pool a wide range of things.

    In any case, you are making every one of the shots on startup. They are being situated and arranged at the same time taking into account the change of the article that you have the ObjectPool conduct on. That's why, they all are on the same position and terminating the same course.


  • Could you give an example of that? I'm still confused on the subject.

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