Multiple pressure-esque switches?

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  • How do I create multiple pressure-esque switches with movable boxes in a single level? Eg. as seen in Portal (2)?

  • I didnt play Portal 2. Do you have a Youtube video showing 'pressure-ish'?

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  • I know my phrasings can be cheesy, but it's just a basic pressure plate that opens its respective door when something is on top of it.

    In my game, I'm trying to have a pressure plate open a door when a box comes into full contact with the pressure plate (I'm not trying to achieve the pressure part of it, though; just the full contact with a box opening a door that the plate links to).

    I include with this the link to the project's .capx:

    At the last room, there are two boxes. When I try moving the boxes to the plates on the ground, It doesn't really open the door that I want it to open.

    Have a look at the controls txt file in the zip first, though. Things do get trippy after a while.

  • So maybe do a Sprite overlapping condition and then have a function with actions that opens the door.

  • First I would make sure that the pressure plate have this animation pressed and not pressed

    Next if it have a sprite overlapping then go to animation pressed.

    If animation pressed is finished open door.

    This is a way to make it more fluid and you would have control over the graphic part as well.

    although it would be nice if there was a pressure plate behavior that would have a limit on the weight so that you could add in weight of object for it to easily check. That would be a cool game to have since we would know that if a small box open a weak pressure plate and a giant steel box would be needed to open a stronger pressure plate

  • Gearworkdragon , thanks for the help. However, I am not trying to create an animation. I'm just trying to get the door to open when the box is on top of the plate, and the door to close when the box is not.

    Here is the .capx file that describes the problem.

    Could one of you guys have a look into this for me? Thanks in advance!

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