How do I Make Multiple Portal Doors (Teleport)

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  • My question is:

    How do I Make Multiple Portal Doors by teleporting from one object to another and go back by using just one Door. I wish to point out that "EnterDoor" animation is important for me because I'm using similar animation. Any ideas or suggestions?

    To teleport stand near to the door and Press "up arrow" to enter the door.

  • Hiya, you can use instance variable on the door to give it an ID, and also another variable to tell it where to move to, this is 2 numbers. So if you overlap a door with ID 2 and move to 3, when you press up it will set position to the door with variable 3. And if you had the door you teleported to with ID 3 and move to 2, then pressing up would move it back to the first door with ID 2 etc

    You move by using conditions to pick the correct door, on overlapping door and up pressed, pick door where door.ID = self.moveto.

  • I think that this tutorial might help you in some way:

  • Hey, thank you so much. I will definitely try the lions_ method first but "door.ID = self.moveto" - that doesn't tell me anything. I am analyzing another tutorial from youtube so if I succeed I will inform you.

  • The tutorial posted there looks similar to my approach, give the doors an ID and then look for that ID, so use that. It uses global variables though because it goes between layouts.

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  • Hey. Thanks you guys for helping me but none of your suggestions worked for me. Not even any of the tutorials on Yutube. After rewriting this code from Construct3 to Construct2 - nothing at all worked for me.. until I found this demo - I just adjusted the code and it works perfect. I can fully recommend this capx for this type of portals;)

  • Nothing worked for you except the pre-made file that uses the same logic? Okay good to know thank you for the update :)

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