How do I: Multiple objects for peer [solved]

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  • for RTS like games, I have been looking into using more synched objects for every single peer.

    In my current development tests, I have been using a single sprite object, with animations and frames.

    Animations representing sides (peers), frames representing the ships.

    Stuff just goes wrong to say the least

    Things go wrong with the assigning of peerids, I think, which seem to have the need to be unique .... which gets problematic if you want to associate something after the creation of the first object for a given peer .... (which also got assosciated with peer)

    I would prefer to keep using the synching options, as they work best with the positions and such.

    so .... I am looking for inspiration on how to approach this issue.

    Change my objects setup ?

    Change synch methods to direct control methods ?

    Perhaps I am just missing a simple thing/option/approach which could enable me to do what I want .... RTS game play.

    Perhaps Ashley has some ideas .....

    cos somehow I think me asking this here is just wishful thinking ...

  • After near 24 hours trialing and testing: Problem solved, RTS game play success.

    The approach has a hint of crazy to it, but ... it works pretty damn good.

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  • For those interested in the result, I applied the basics of my solution to the RTS template.

    RTS template multiplayer template in the arcade

    Max 4 players per room, each player starts in a corner and has 4 tanks, enemy tanks keep spawning.

    Firing accuracy is handled by the peers turret behavior so isnt 100% across room. (was not the focus of the implementation)

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